Opinions and Thoughts

One of the few good things that has happened in this last one year of forced sabbatical besides finishing my PhD, is that I have had the chance to catch up on a lot of shows and films I have been planning to watch as well finish reading a number of books that have been sitting on my bookrack over the past few years. I am an enthusiastic buyer of books and Film DVDs and I immediately earmark any good show, film that I hear about. But something or other always needed my immediate attention – from mundane household chores like laundry and cooking to work related things, time was a rare commodity. I also noticed that I had started developing an aversion towards reading for pleasure, watching films and shows for pleasure, for entertainment. In hindsight, I think this was happening primarily because of the pressure I was under to complete my PhD. So reading had to serve a purpose – of being citation worthy. Watching a film or a show had to serve a purpose as well – of having a connection to the topic of my thesis, being worth a mention in it. Reading a book, watching a show for the heck of it was a luxury – I told myself.

But now that the PhD was out of my way, I could afford this luxury once again. So I went back to it with full gusto – reading and re-reading books, watching earmarked movies and shows. And funnily enough, now that I don’t HAVE TO analyze what I am reading, watching, I find it increasingly fascinating to do EXACTLY that.

In this section of my site, I intend to share my opinions on some series, films that I have watched in the recent times while understanding the socio-political context they are situated in. Some of them are German, some are Indian while some others represent a completely unfamiliar, yet exciting terrain that I haven’t explored much before but am curious to find out more about.



Three Seasons (broadcasted between 2017-2021)

First broadcasted on the German National Television ARD

Now available on: Netflix (Germany) and ARD Mediathek


Two Seasons (broadcasted between 2016-2018; third season under way)

First broadcasted on the German National Television ZDF

Now available on: Netflix (Germany) and ZDF Mediathek

Unsere wunderbaren Jahre

One Season

First broadcasted on the German National Television ARD in 2020

Now available on: Netflix (Germany) and ARD Mediathek


I often enjoy penning down a number of complex thoughts that go through my mind in response to the situations, experiences I find myself in at any given point. Growing up, my parents laid a lot of emphasis on exposing us children to fine world literature, different languages and encouraged us to read and write in whatever language we felt comfortable in. Learning and speaking Marathi (my mother tongue) well, understanding the finer details of the workings of the language was also very important to them. Thanks to these enriching experiences, I developed an affinity towards different languages as well as writing in those languages. I am comfortable penning my down thoughts in Marathi, English, German. 

This section will provide you a brief insight into these various thoughts. 

सादळलेल्या आठवणी….

Whatsapp वरच्या फॅमिली ग्रुपवर येणारे message मी सहसा वाचत नाही – सध्याच्या निवडणुकीच्या धुमाकुळीत तर राजकीय पक्षांची आणि नेत्यांची बाजू घेणारे हे message वाचायचा वीट येतो.. पण आज जरा वेळ होता आणि अनेक दिवसांनी कुठल्याही राजकीय पक्षाची बाजू नं घेणारा असा एक message दिसला. म्हणलं वाचूया….

कालाय तस्मै नमः

ह्या वर्षी महाराष्ट्राचे लाडके दैवत म्हणून लेखल्या जाणाऱ्या पु ल देशपांडे – आपल्या सगळ्यांच्या आवडीचे पु ल – ह्यांचा जन्मशताब्दी सोहळा. त्यानिमित्ताने फक्त देशभरातच नाही तर जगभरातही विविध प्रकारचे कार्यक्रम आयोजित करण्यात येत आहेत.  त्या निमित्तानी मध्यंतरी Switzerland मधील Zürich ह्या शहरात पुलोत्सव अनुभवायचा योग आला…..


खिडकीच्या दारावर ह. दा. घाटे अशी पाटी लिहिलेली..त्या खिडकीला जवळ जवळ गेली ६५-७० वर्ष बंद असायची सवय नव्हती. खिडकीच्या मागे असलेल्या घराला कधी एकटेपणा हे काय असतं ह्याची कल्पना नव्हती. हे घर अगणिक लोकांच्या आयुष्यातील अनेक घटनांचा साक्षीदार आहे.